Presented in reverse chronological order

Back into the Scar

Most of the adventurers return to Restwell Keep. Py’gues remains behind at Sentry’s Point, while Oneus, Whisp, Nora and O’Brian each prepare to return to the Scar. Meanwhile, a minotaur called Ducard searches through the Scar on a mission of his own. Eventually, their paths intersect as they all investigate a cache of information gathered by a mysterious sage known as Hanta Yawey.

In the Shadow of Saint Rowain: The Tree of Remembrance

Brother Benwick approached you with a recently discovered journal page from Saint Rowain. A righteous follower of Pelor, Rowain was last heard from in this area. The writings make reference to Sentry’s Point; perhaps a relic of Saint Rowain’s remains, perhaps the Light of Pelor, or perhaps the mystery to his end can be solved. Sentry’s Point is a name not commonly known, but at that place a more recognizable marker exists—the Tree of Remembrance. The party travels south from the Crossroads and finds what remains of Sentry’s Point and the Tree of Remembrance. After facing twig blights and removing the dark heart of corruption that has become buried within the Tree, the party decides that this small ruin might be a good place to set up a base of operations.

The Crossroads

The party has decided to move further beyond the King’s Wall to look for more adventuring opportunities. They arrive at the Crossroads, a lawless place on the outskirts of the Chaos Scar. After facing off against some hobgoblins intent on punishing an adventure in a horrible manner using the infamous Gibbet Tree, the party agreed to look for some treasure for the tiefling, Millen Silvereye. The foray into the boneyard did not turn up any treasures, and once back at the Trading Post, tempers flare. After the dust settles, there’s one dead deva and one dead tiefling. Adventurers 1Lawless Brigands 1

Gathering Mushrooms

Word on the street is that a young girl inside the inner Keep is ill. Without good contacts, the party relies upon a patron to determine what might be wrong and how to fix it. They decide to work with Benwick, the itinerant priest. After trekking into the edges of the Scar, the party recovers the Sweet Whitecap mushrooms needed as a cure for the sick child.

Stick in the Mud

A group of young and inexperienced adventurers are asked to explore the ruins of an old family keep near the King’s Wall. The keep, once the abode of a goliath sorcerer, holds a powerful magic item that has ripped open a small portal to the Elemental Chaos. A tide of mud is steadily flowing through the portal and into the cellars beneath the ruins, creating a muddy wallow that is ideal for bullywugs. After defeating the evil creatures, the party returns with the family heirloom, a Staff of Earthen Might.


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