People Encountered or Heard of Directly

Presented in alphabetical order.

Benwick A human priest of Sehanine. Quite charming, with a moon face, twinkling eyes, and a round belly. Acted as a patron for the party as they helped the sick child, Magda Villand. Discovered some ancient holy writings that led the party to the Tree of Remembrance.
Captain Villand A popular member of Drysdale’s Guard.
Citirian The wizard who occupies the Saruun Guild tower in the Outer Bailey of the Keep. Identified as a possible patron to help with the illness of Magda Villand.
Edmund Quite and unassuming assistant to Benwick, speaks with a lisp.
Hanta Yawey A reclusive scholar who gathered all manner of information about the Chaos Scar and its inhabitants, which he (or she) squirreled away in numerous caches throughout the area.
Madga Villand The bright and cheerful daughter of Captain Villand. Recently ill from a bad reaction to Sweet Whitecap sweetened Marzipan. Currently recovered.
Millen Silvereye A tiefling known as an impartial assessor of value, working out of the Crossroads. Identified as a possible patron to help with the illness of Magda Villand. Currently dead.
Ruafelwin An eladrin scholar who ran afoul of a murderous orc but was saved by the party. He has much information about the Scar and its inhabitants.
Saint Rowain A warrior of Pelor and a prolific chronicler. Known to have wielded the Light of Pelor. Last heard from in this area, he followed portents of a great evil, keeping vigil for when it would appear. Currently missing, presumed dead.
Thurismund Known to Ducard as a potential cultist and follower of Zehir that may have come to the Chaos Scar recently.
Voran Earthmane A goliath sorcerer who built a Keep in a swamp that existed before the meteor created the Chaos Scar. Known to explore elemental magicks. Ancestor of Oneus Earthmane.

Other People

More salicious information available about many of these folks in the article, The Keep on the Chaos Scar.

Grim Eye Hobgoblin. First known inhabitant of Restwell Keep
Six Blades of Fortune A band of nefarious adventures who used Restwell Keep as a base and eventually allowing it to grow into the community it is now.
Fallek Corporal of the guard who meet and question every visitor at the gate to Restwell Keep.
Syradon Mute scribe who accompanies Fallek at the gate and records visitors’ names and any weapons left with Fallek.
Kendon Longstrider Bailiff of the Outer Bailey of Restwell Keep.
Gorn Hammerfell Dwarven captain in the guard, serving as second in command to the Bailiff.
Bergen Slender human blacksmith of Restwell Keep. Surprisingly skilled at his craft.
Grelda Elderly female merchant, dealing in herbs, food and other perishable goods. Often found in loud disputes with Bosco between their shops in Restwell Keep.
Bosco Overweight merchant, specializing in adventurers’ gear. Often found in loud disputes with Grelda between their shops in Restwell Keep.
Quint Spiregleam Gnome merchant in Restwell Keep. Handles jewels and art objects and also regularly sends messages to and from the civilized lands.
Ferdinand Ronnik Loan banker located in Restwell Keep.
Nerrin Silverhand Innkeeper at Travelers Inn, a cheap and crude inn within Restwell Keep.
Mother Aran Elderly woman who owns, runs and does much of the preparation of food and drink at the Stumbling Giant, the social hub of Restwell Keep.
Chendera A half-elf cleric of Avandra, which until recently was the main religion of Restwell Keep.
Garrick Blackoak Sergeant of the guard who supervisors the gate to the Inner Bailey of Restwell Keep.
Lord Peridin Drysdale A human paladin of Erathis. The current ruler of Restwell Keep having ousted the Six Blades of Fortune a short time ago.
Ellessan Drysdale’s second in command, an elven cleric of Erathis.


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