Presented in order of appearance.

The King’s Wall
The Ruins of Earthmane Keep
Restwell Keep
The Crossroads

Just beyond the remnants of the King’s Wall, a dirt path leads from civilization into the heart of this dangerous valley. Right off the edge of this path sits a place known to travelers as the Crossroads (though, in truth, only the one path passes through this area). Here, at the edge of the Chaos Scar, is where the fringes of civilization and the edge of danger meet. It is just distant enough from the closest settlements and bastions of order that those of less honorable origin can come to sell their wares and services. And it is likewise just far enough from the Chaos Scar that those seeking such wares and services can come without too much fear of trouble—although this is still a lawless area. It is a rough place, like the Scar beyond it, but this waypoint is used by many adventurers (and the bravest of merchants and traders) as a final stopping place before entering the Chaos Scar proper.

Sentry’s Point

Sentry’s Point is a name not commonly known, but at that place a more recognizable marker exists—the Tree of Remembrance. The ruins of a small fort and the ancient willow mark the spot where many died defending themselves from goblin attacks soon after the Chaos Scar was formed. Until recently, common knowledge held that the woods here were not safe, that the trees thirst for more than water. Now though, the party has free the Tree of Remembrance from corruption and have begun to fortify the old ruin to use as a base of operations for their further adventures into the Chaos Scar.


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