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Earthmane’s Staff
Sweet Whitecaps

The soft pink fluff that comes from these off-white mushrooms with pink spots is often used as a sweetening agent in pastries and candies. Recently some mushrooms found near the Chaos Scar were used in Marzipan which cause a young child of Restwell Keep to become very ill.

Gibbet Tree

This tall, metal structure has a number of bars that branch off from a thick, metal central
post, from which hang a number of broad metal cages. Many monstrous residents of the Crossroads use the gibbet tree as a form of punishment and a warning to anyone who would consider entering their domain. Hobgoblins, orcs, gnolls, and other races inhabiting the Scar bring live captives to the Crossroads and stuff them within the cages of the gibbet tree, where they are left to die a slow, agonizing death from thirst and starvation.

The Tree of Remembrance

Located at the old ruin once known as Sentry’s Point, this mighty willow was planted to honor the many who died defending themselves from goblin attacks soon after the Chaos Scar was formed. Recently, the Tree was cleansed of the evil influence of a horribly corrupted shard of the meteorite that created the Scar.

The Light of Pelor

A blessed blade, wielded by the righteous warrior of Pelor know as Rowain. Current whereabouts unknown.

Scrap of Writings of Saint Rowain

The most recently discovered new writing of the prolific chronicler and holy warrior of Pelor, this fragment is aged, nibbled upon by insects, and covered in mildew. Yet a few passages can be discerned.

. . . star fell to . . .
. . . hardy folk retur . . .
west broken or changed. Woodsman Algonir
sends word he has explored into this
fresh scar and needs my help. I am off.
Pelor willing, I can contain this evil
long enough for the innocent to flee. . .
. . . Sentry’s Point we will . . .


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